Poiesis is the action or ability to produce or do something creative, to bring out. The ability to bring out is a response to the world, thus revealing the creative world of the artist. This project encompasses several exhibition areas which fall within the poiesis concept in two ways: they are the consubstantiation of an artistic imagination and a creative force, but also a search to reach and illuminate the artist’s universe, to bring it forth and translate it into sensitive and palpable objects, and open a window into this imaginary, making it accessible. It reveals the multifaceted dimension of the artistic universe animated by a constant myriad of possibilities.

LAR - Galeria do LAC 2015

LAR – Galeria do LAC

It became an exploration of processes and of making, an archeology of discovery and objects. Consolidating this idea, each new environment requires rethinking and repositioning, revisiting the modules and the assembly that is to be always singular. The various projects are demonstrative of an eclectic, multidisciplinary and multifaceted artistic and professional career, among the intricacies of the performing, visual and fine arts.

Technical support: João Baltazar, José Júlio Silva, José Cunha e Silva

Printing Support: QJ/ C.M.Almada, Fim de Século, Lab In

Thanks: João Baltazar, Sara CF Gouveia, Maria Júlia L. Ferreira, Mercé de Rande, Alex Casal, José Balbino, Bus Paragem Cultural, Nuno Bettencourt Torres, Helena Solano, José Cunha e Silva, Maria João Alcobia, LAC


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